Most of the town lies inland, but the part that fronts the water is home to the county’s largest ferry terminal.

Welcome to Larkspur

If developer Charles Wright’s wife knew her plants, this picturesque Central Marin town would be called Lupine. Mrs. Wright, whose husband helped to incorporate the town at the turn of the century, admired the fields of what she thought were larkspur plants blooming near her new homestead, and named the village Larkspur. Most of the town lies inland, but the part that fronts the water is home to the county’s largest ferry terminal, as well as a huge metal sculpture of Sir Francis Drake. Larkspur shares schools and a police department with Corte Madera together they make up the Twin Cities. Outlying neighborhoods Kentfield and Greenbrae have their own school district, but share utilities and many public services with Larkspur.

Housing and Education

Housing costs in Larkspur are in the county’s mid-range (although the Bill Graham estate recently sold for over $20 million). Real estate sales have increased slightly in the past two years, but the number of homes has not. Larkspur children and their neighbors in Corte Madera attend the elementary school and middle school of the Larkspur School District. After graduation, they go to Redwood High School in Larkspur, part of the Tamalpais Union High School District. There are two private elementary schools.


Travel to key commute destinations is comfortable, as most residents count their car as their preferred method of commute. Public transportation is an option, with the county’s largest fairy terminal right in town.


Larkspur retains a small-town feel. Almost half the residents are over 45, but good local schools have attracted a large number of children. Education levels are high, and citizens work in the professional, sales, and support industries.


Larkspur has an average temperature of around 59 degrees, with an average maximum temperature of 70 degrees and an average low of 48. From July to September, highs get into the 80s. The coldest months are November and December. Mount Tamalpais and Christmas Tree Hill usually protect the town from perpetual fog, but it does get its fair share, especially on summer mornings.

Important Phone Numbers

  • City Manager, Planning, Recreation, Public Works, Fire Department: 927-5110
  • Police Department: 927-5150
  • Library: 927-5005


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