Nicasio sits at very heart of Marin County, CA.

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Nicasio sits at very heart of Marin County, CA., and is the site of the Coastal Miwok village of Echatamal. Although Nicasio feels removed from the hustle and bustle of the The City, it is just 30 miles north of San Francisco, 10 miles from Fairfax, and about 13 miles west of Novato. If the idea of an idyllic, small town atmosphere close to the conveniences of town appeals to your sensibilities, Nicasio might be the place.
As with much of early Marin and Sonoma Counties, once European settlers arrived, they occupied themselves as dairy ranchers and loggers. In the first decades of the 1800’s, Nicasio found itself with a town square and the elements appropriate for such a community, including a general store, butcher, livery, church, hotel, and (of course) two saloons. For decades, the North Pacific Coast Railroad supplied Nicasio and its residents with food, goods, and communication to points West. Today’s town square includes Saint Mary’s Church and the red one-room schoolhouse, built sometime around 1870. The quiet and serenity of Nicasio is well-known. Nonetheless, Rancho Nicasio (also on the square) is a throwback roadhouse that features live music on weekends with bluegrass, swing, and funky rock bands. The Nicasio post office opened in 1871.
Another major allure of Nicasio is the sizable Nicasio Reservoir, a mile north of town, where short hiking trails lead to the water’s edge and beyond. Nicasio is scenically very attractive with forested and open ridgelines surrounding a wide rolling valley. The area along Lucas Valley Road follows a narrow valley with mostly forested hillsides above it. Oak, bay, and fir trees are common in the area. Additionally, and perhaps unexpectedly, Roy’s Redwoods is jus a few miles south of Nicasio. Here, trails lead up sunny slopes and under redwood giants. This quiet forested area was used by George Lucas in Return of the Jedi (do you remember the scenes?).
Three main roads cross the area: Lucas Valley Road (which stretches to HWY 101), Nicasio Valley Road, and the Point Reyes-Petaluma Road. Important pieces of ublic land in the surrounding area include portions of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Samuel P. Taylor State Park. Moreover, magical Point Reyes National Seashore is a short drive away.
The housing supply in Nicasio is generally quite limited. Home sizes and styles vary significantly. Parcel sizes can vary from several acres to several hundred acres. This is big sky country. Within the Nicasio area are about 250 homes located on approximately 350 parcels. Much of the land is still used for agricultural purposes including beef and dairy cattle grazing, small-scale truck farming (including organic farming), and the raising of forage. Several small vineyards have also been recently established. Nicasio is mainly a rural are with 4.48% of people working as farmers and rest some government or other jobs.


Nicasio Public Schools
Two public school districts serve students living in Nicasio. Nicasio School District for elementary and middle school, and Tamalpais Union High School District for high school. The majority of high school students from Nicasio attend Sir Francis Drake High School (a California Distinguished School). There are also two alternative high schools available. Nicasio School District is the largest of four rural districts in Marin County. It is a one school district that serves the area in and around Nicasio. Tamalpais Union High School District provides secondary school education to students coming from ten elementary districts in Marin County, including the Nicasio School District.
Nicasio School & District, 5555 Nicasio Valley Road, Nicasio, CA 94946 | (415) 662-2184
Grades: K-8
Nicasio School has an enrollment of between 60 and 70 students in grades Kindergarten through 8th. All classes are combination classes, meaning there is more than one grade level per teacher/classroom. It is characterized by strong parental support and a dedicated staff.

Population as by US census in 2000

  • Total population: 589
  • Male Population: 320
  • Female Population: 269
  • Median Age: 42.00
  • Male Median Age: 41.00
  • Female Median Age: 43.20
  • Average Household Income: $84,999

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